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Membership to the Camborne School of Mines Association is open to all current and past students of the Camborne School of Mines. Associate membership is also available to current and former members of CSM staff.
Please complete the below form application form. Once this is received we will be in contact with the relevant payment links which willbe email as an electronic invoice.  Email from our accounting system will be from 

Current students are also offered associate membership at a reduced rate of £5.00 for the duration of there study time at CSM were after graduation they will be offered to upgrade their membership to the full membership. 

Our membership types and annual fees are as follows:

Full Membership - Full membership is open to all past and present students of the Camborne School of Mines, full members can vote at any Public CSMA meeting and apply to be a director of the CSMA board or Directors in accordance with the CSMA Articles of Association. £25.00 Per 12 Month Period (payable 12 months from the date of the first membership payment received by CSMA).

Student Membership - A reduced rate for the duration of study time at CSM, this membership does not include postal copies of CSMA publications but are added to the distribution list as per individual marketing selections.  Only the current Student Association President can attend CSMA Board meetings but does not have any voting rights at CSMA board meetings. £5.00 For the duration of studying time at CSM.

Associate Membership - This is as per the Full Membership with the exception that Associate members will not have any rights to be a Board Member or Director of the Camborne School of Mines Association. £25.00 Per 12 Month Period (payable 12 months from the date of the first membership payment received by CSMA).

Other Membership Types, these are only used to administer our members database:

Hold - This membership is only used when a member is still paying an old membership fee, members will not receive any publications via post but will continue to receive emails as per there individual marketing preference. 

Lost - This membership is when a member does not make any contact or we receive returned mail but their membership is still being paid, every effort will be made to contact any lost member but due to the geographical location of some member and General Data Protection Regulation, (Data Protection) this will not always be practical or possible. 

The CSM Association Code of Conduct is available at the following link:- Code of Conduct
* indicates required
This will be allocated by CSMA unless returning member
Mr, Mrs, Miss, MS, Dr, Prof, ECT
Year first graduated from CSM or type Ex Staff or Staff if either of these apply.
CSM Course attended or enter Ex Staff or Staff whichever applies.

Please select how you would like to receive publications and regular updates from the Camborne School of Mines Association: Email is our preferred option due to high printing & postage costs but are more then happy to post items.

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